The complete program consists of seven sessions (11 videos). Ideally, it is to be followed with 10-15 minute breaks between sessions (except the lunch break). For the participants to experience the neruplasticity themselves, few of the breaks towards latter part of the day is to be spent with few memory games such as “Kim’s games”.

The whole purpose behind making this “One-day Program” was (in the absence of a venerable) for you to have an opportunity to organise such an event so that your with your children and your friends and their children can have a social gathering with out clutter, just to have a mental boot camp, simply to recharge during the life long rat-race or to kick-start a meditation course yourself.

Our sincere wish is that all such events will be free of charge. Usually the participants shall (but not a must) contribute with food and beverages, transport, etc. so the Dhamma can stay free from profit, social status, race or religion.

At the end of the day, we hope you will put these to good use as suggested above.

Your feedback & comments are extremely valuable to keep this kind of work going.

May you all be peaceful and happy.